What are the big issues impacting your business?

Transition to net zero

  • Shift to renewable energy
  • Emissions reduction requirements including safeguard mechanism
  • End to petrol vehicles
  • New construction standards
  • Becoming ‘net positive’

National and state targets to reduce greenhouse emissions are accelerating change throughout our economy and it’s happening more quickly than many realise.

Businesses across the board will need to plan for the changes and adapt to the new realities.

Leap Sustainability helps you manage the transition to a lower carbon economy and develop a road map to ensure the business can operate effectively while also improving its resilience to energy-related changes.

War for talent

  • Attracting and retaining quality employees in an increasingly tight labour market
  • Employee expectations for an active diversity program and inclusive culture
  • Businesses held to account for upholding fair labour practices in their business and in their supply chain

Expectations of businesses are high, particularly from consumers and employees. Potential employees are demanding that businesses have a positive impact – and that actions should align to purpose. Consumers want business they buy from to incorporate positive impact into the way they operate.*

Leap Sustainability helps you attract and retain quality employees and meet consumer preferences by developing your sustainability proposition and connecting it to your purpose and business goals. We work with you to develop an achievable, measurable sustainability action plan.

* Porter Novelli/Quantum Market Research, Purpose Premium report, 2022. https://purposepremium.com.au

Increased scrutiny and accountability

  • Inclusion of sustainability criteria into preferred supplier credentials
  • War on greenwashing – greater scrutiny of sustainability claims
  • Increasing legislative compliance and disclosure requirements
  • Consumer expectations for ‘good’ behaviour – with correlated reputational risks from poor performance against expectations especially on diversity and inclusion, environmental and governance.

Whether it’s from your B2B customers, your investors, regulators or consumers – there’s increasing pressure to take meaningful action on environmental and social impacts of your business. Greenwashing is being called out and punished.

Leap Sustainability helps you to respond increased scrutiny and accountability by strengthening your measurement and reporting, supporting you to address regulatory requirements and better tell your sustainability story.

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