How we work with you

We value collaboration and respect in our professional relationships and we bring these qualities to every engagement.


We work best in collaboration with you so that you own the solution.

You know your business best, and we’ll work collaboratively with you and your team to connect sustainability with your business goals – and above all, to ensure a practical and actionable approach.

Our first step is always a deep dive consultation with you to ensure we understand your challenges and your broader context.

We aim to understand your business from various perspectives, making our recommendations to you grounded in your reality.

Throughout our engagement we schedule regular meetings with you to discuss aspects of the work and report progress. Members of your team may be involved in working more closely with us, particularly where we need to source data about your business.

Ideally we work as an extension of your team – so be prepared to invest some time to create a successful collaboration.


We know you are busy, and we respect your time, expertise and the professional relationship with you.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring prompt responses to requests and communication;
  • Being flexible to accommodate requests or changes to scope within reason and subject to agreement between us;
  • Meeting deadlines or communicating why they cannot be met (for example if information has not been received by us);
  • Keeping you regularly informed of the progress of the engagement;
  • Involving you in key decisions and project activity.

We expect you will also be respectful of our time and expertise by:

  • Ensuring prompt responses to requests and communication, and nominating a liaison for communication with us;
  • Undertaking tasks you have agreed to do (such as provide data) within the agreed timeframe;
  • Allocating appropriate internal resources to complete the engagement;
  • Trying to avoid making requests for major changes to the scope or outputs of the engagement (but putting any such requests in writing);
  • Meeting with us regularly as agreed.
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