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Adapting to change is not always easy...

but it’s easier when you anticipate the changes and position your business to successfully respond. At Leap Sustainability, we help you to understand and plan for the impact on your business of changes related to environment, social and governance issues, whether that be risks to assets from extreme weather events, or the need to adapt to comply with increased regulation.

Successfully responding to these challenges, and enabling your customers, employees and investors to address their own environmental and social impacts, can support your wider business performance through:

  • Attracting and retaining talent and thus generating greater productivity;
  • Helping reduce rising costs via increased efficiencies;
  • Telling your story while avoiding greenwashing;
  • Improved oversight of your business, including better risk management;
  • Attracting new customers, retaining existing ones and expanding into new markets;
  • Making your business more attractive to investors and lenders who increasingly want the reassurance of ESG risk management;
  • Reducing the risk of reputation damage and burnishing your sustainability credentials.

Our Services

Leap Sustainability offers a range of services for small and medium businesses to help make a step-change in your business performance. It will always begin with a discussion to understand your circumstances, your business aspirations and the solutions you are seeking.

  • Current state assessment – a starting point to see how your business is performing on a range of key environmental, labour/workplace, community and governance metrics;
  • Benchmarking – see how your organisation compares to peers or ‘best in class’ on a range metrics, based on publicly available information;
  • Materiality assessment – an assessment of your business’ most significant environmental, social and governance impacts to guide prioritisation, strategy and reporting;
  • Training – bring your workforce along on the journey with training designed to support your sustainability program;
  • Measurement – we work with you to develop an appropriate measurement framework for your ESG performance, including emissions reduction;
  • Reporting – based on what’s most material (relevant) for you, we develop your sustainability reporting, whether that’s a stand-alone report, a suite of internal and external communications such as a website or part of a broader document, such as an annual report;
  • Strategy and road map – be prepared for the future with a sustainability strategy based on your aspirations and goals for the business, priorities arising from assessment of your significant impacts and an implementation plan that’s grounded in the reality of your business.

Our three key steps to improved performance

  • Assess your business against key ESG metrics;
  • Assessment against peers and ‘best in class’;
  • Measure carbon footprint
    Identify compliance gaps and risks;
  • Identify most significant impacts on the environment and society.

Result: a snapshot of your business, identifying strengths and areas for improvement

  • Build on the assessment results to see how they align to or impact on your business plans;
  • Identify priority areas for action;
  • Articulate your 3-5 year goals;
  • Develop a strategy and road-map that addresses business goals and priority action areas.

Result: a sustainability plan that’s integrated into your business strategy

  • Understand which stakeholders your communication needs to engage;
  • Identify disclosure requirements;
  • Develop sustainability disclosures (such as a report) addressing identified priority areas and legitimate stakeholder interests.

Result: targeted ESG communications that support compliance and stakeholder engagement

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