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How will your business thrive into the future?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

~ Charles Darwin

Sustainability consulting tailored for small and medium businesses

Leap Sustainability works with small and medium-sized businesses to help them navigate the increasingly complex challenges and changes arising from environmental, social and governance factors.

From greater scrutiny and accountability, to the energy transition, the war for talent, and rising expectations from customers, governments, investors, employees and communities – we partner with you to respond to these challenges, reduce risk, uncover opportunities and add value for your business and your stakeholders.

We elevate your business and set it up for success into the future.

What we do

We bring a sustainability focus to your business by:

  • Assessing current performance on key environmental, labour/workplace, community and governance metrics;
  • Identifying any compliance gaps with relevant legislation/regulation;
  • Advising on where you sit in relation to your peers and competitors;
  • Helping prioritise areas for action now and into the future, supporting compliance and pro-active risk management;
  • Identifying opportunities that can save you money or build competitive advantage;
  • Helping you tell your sustainability story more effectively;
  • Developing a step-by-step plan to respond to identified risks and opportunities so you can face the future with confidence.

How is your business responding to the changing world?

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What are the big issues impacting your business?

Transition to net zero

  • Shift to renewable energy
  • Emissions reduction requirements including safeguard mechanism
  • End to petrol vehicles
  • New construction standards
  • Becoming ‘net positive’

War for talent

  • Attracting and retaining quality employees in an increasingly tight labour market
  • Employee expectations for an active diversity program and inclusive culture
  • Businesses held to account for upholding fair labour practices in their business and in their supply chain

Increased scrutiny and accountability

  • Inclusion of sustainability criteria into preferred supplier credentials
  • War on greenwashing – greater scrutiny of sustainability claims
  • Increasing legislative compliance and disclosure requirements
  • Consumer expectations for ‘good’ behaviour – with correlated reputational risks from poor performance against expectations especially on diversity and inclusion, environmental and governance.

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